Monday, 29 December 2014

Around the house.

My wife and are at the moment experiencing a fairly major change in our life. We now have our 9 year old grand daughter living with us permanently. So I am now hearing the words " what can we do now Poppa" too many times to mention in a day.

She mentioned we should have a look around the garden for bugs, she had just found a water feature in the garden full of Tadpoles, this got her going. So it was off on a bug hunt. The photos are the result. All taken with my Panasonic FZ 200 camera set on the close up setting, not macro.

Honey Bee busy on the Silver Birch.
Honey Bee.

Leaf  Curling Spider

Orb-weaving Spider.
Orb-weaving Spider.

Redback spider on shed door.

Spiny Spider.

Spiny Spider.
It is very interesting what you can find around the garden, another world in miniature.

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  1. G'day Ross,
    Great shots. That camera is giving good results hey?