Sunday, 20 December 2015

Raptors around Clydebank.

Went for a drive down to Marlay Point to check out the water birds, none to be found, too many fishermen on the bank and other activity.
Came back through Clydebank where there is usually some Whistling Kites. No kites but there in the usual tree was a Wedge Tailed Eagle, who was very obliging, just sat in the tree whilst I got out of the car for some photos.
 Further on what I think is a juvenile Australian Hobby on the power lines. Also the Terns were busy diving into a wet paddock, hard to get a photo of these. Further down the road a Whistling Kite and a Tree Martin.

 Wedge-tailed Eagle.

 Wedge-tailed Eagle


 Juvenile Australian Hobby.

Juvenile Australian Hobby.
 Whistling Kite.

Tree Martin.


Friday, 18 December 2015

Birdies from Nangara

Following on from my last post, below are some of the birds we ticked off at Nangara Park. Taking photos proved difficult due to the dense undergrowth.
Whilst having lunch we were inundated with Brown Gerygone's; but getting a good photo proved difficult, thought I had one until I got home and transferred to the computer. Unfortunately not the best photo. The King Parrots were probably for me anyway, the highlight of the day. Always good to see the Eastern Yellow Robins.

 King Parrot.

 Eastern Yellow Robin.

Brown Gerygone.

Fan-tailed Cuckoo.