Sunday, 11 January 2015

First Outing 2015.

Heyfield bird watchers had their first outing last Thursday, 10 members attended, and we met at the gate to Herb Guyatt reserve at Wurruk. After strolling around the reserve for about 2 hours we ticked off 45 species, including Scarlet Honey eater, Azure Kingfisher (x 3), Whistling Kite, Black Duck, Golden Whistler, Grey Fantail.
It was then onto Flooding creek as one of our members had seen Latham Snipe here, we walked along the creek towards Lake Guyatt and put up 6 snipe.
At Lake Guyatt we ticked 46 Freckled Duck, Great Egret and Scarlet Honey Eater, Nankeen Night Heron.
Five of us then drove along Stevens St to check out the water birds  on the wet paddocks below, here we ticked great Egret, Intermediate Egret, Red Kneed Dotterels, Cattle Egret and in the distance Sharp-tailed Sandpipers.  The scope was a great help here. All in all 56 species for the outing.
We finished about 12.30pm as the rain started.
 Azure Kingfisher.
 Black Duck.
 Trio of Ducks.
 Freckled Duck.
 Great Egret.
 Nankeen Night Heron.
Whistling Kite.

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