Thursday, 29 September 2016


Had a free day today, so decided to do some birding. First stop off was Nicholson Rocks, north of Newry. Birds were very scarce, mostly small birds high up in the canopy, so no photos. The Orchids were a bit more productive. The first find was a Wax Lip and then a couple of Lady Fingers, Small Duck Orchid, Nodding Greenhood and Maroon Hood.
 Wax Lip Orchid.

 White Lady Fingers.

 Pink Lady Fingers.

 This One I think is a Small Duck Orchid not quite matured.

 Maroon Hood Orchid.

 Nodding Greenhood.

 White Lady Fingers.

We then drove onto the Briagolong Red Gum Forest,to check out the Leopard Orchids, and found an abundance of Yellow Moth Orchids and Leopard Orchids.

 Yellow Moth Orchids.

 Leopard orchids.

Yellow Moth Orchid.


Saturday, 27 August 2016

Swallow Lagoon Orchids.

Green hoods are prolific at Swallow Lagoon at present, found three different species, and some Small Gnat-orchids just coming through.
 Nodding Greenhood.

 Small Gnat-orchid.

 Small Gnat-orchid.



Around Swallow Lagoon.

Today I drove out to Swallow Lagoon. The small birds were quite numerous; but very flighty. It seems mating season has started.
Also the orchids are starting to appear, plenty of green hoods and Small Gnat-orchids are just coming through.

 Jackie Winter.

Eastern Yellow Robin in typical pose.


Sunday, 29 May 2016

First Orchid for Season.

Had a look around Swallow Lagoon three weeks ago, the bird life was very scarce, apart from five Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos.
So it was eyes to the ground. Found a scattering of small Mosquito orchids these were in patches around Swallow Lagoon.


Around Sale and District.

Flame Robin seen on fence at Desailly Flats.

 Resident astern Spine Bill  in my back yard, has been around for a few weeks.

 Whistling Kite, there are a number of these seen flying around Desailly Flats.

 A pair of White Fronted Chats, again at Desailly Flats. Thee have been around now for two weeks, altogether there are fourteen on the flock.
 First Scarlet Robin for the season, photo taken at Herb Guyatt Reserve Wurruk.

 Also at Herb Guyatt Reserve an Eastern Yellow Robin in Typical pose.

Azure Kingfisher seen last weekend at Heyfield Wetlands Reserve.


Sunday, 27 March 2016

Kingfishers and Kookas.

I was standing near the entrance to Lake Guyatt looking along flooding creek towards Sale, when I heard a squeak and out flew an Azure Kingfisher. It landed on a post adjacent to the overflow from Lake Guthridge, it then flew up the creek. It came back a few minutes later, and I had enough time to take some photos. Looks like they are nesting along the outflow as another came out and both were sitting in the same post, they were to quick for me to get a photo.

 Saw this Kooka at Herb Guyatt Reserve yesterday sitting about 20 feet away.


Saturday, 26 March 2016

Out and About.

Due to other commitments I have not been able to get out birding as I would like. Had a spare morning three weeks ago and went out to Swallow Lagoon. The small birds were very scarce; but I did tick a first a White-winged Triller.
 This was the best photo I could get of the White-winged Triller.

 In a tree beside the Triller a Dusky Woodswallow and one of its young.

Back at Lake Guyatt The Mistletoe birds were out, couldn't get a good photo of the female as she was too high and obscured by the mistletoe. Here's a couple of shots of the male.

As normal the fantails were every where this one sat just in camera focus.

 I have been trying to get a photo of a  Lathams Snipe which has been around Flooding Creek. Unfortunately it has seen me 5 times out of 5; but whilst the Snipe beat me I did get a glimpse of a Lewin's Rail (I think) Not a good photo as the light was against me.
 Fan-tailed Cuckoo at Lake Guyatt.