Thursday, 13 December 2018

Eastern Koel

For the past three weeks I have been trying to track down an Eastern Koel that has been calling at different spots around town and even in my front yard. Unable to see it let alone get a photo until today. Heard one calling down near the Port of Sale and found it sitting in the open. A few photos follow.


Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Sapling Morass, Fernbank.

Called into Sapling Morass last Sunday. Not many birds until we were about 3/4 the way around. Photos are not the best as I only had my 140mm lens (400mm lens is broken). Ticked off a first for me, White-browed Woodswallow.

 Not sure of this one .
 This could be a Rufous Fantail ?

 White Browed Wood Swallow.

Sunday, 2 December 2018


Went up to Metung yesterday to have a look at some Tawny  Frogmouths. Found five in a gum tree, male and female and 3 juveniles.. Some pics follow.


Saturday, 24 November 2018

Guyatt Reserve

Went for a walk around Guyatt Reserve Thursday looking mainly for Sacred Kingfishers. Found four , two at the river, one on the way out and one sitting on the power lines. The one on the power line was a bit too far away for a decent photo.
Yellow Faced Honeyeater.

Rufous Whistler.

Sacred Kingfishers.

Female Golden Whistler.

Sacred Kingfisher.


Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Morwell Orchids.

Found a couple of Orchids on our walk around the Morwell Reserve, not fully out, but a good find.
Bird Orchid.

Bird Orchid. 
The Bird Orchids were not quite in full bloom.

Flying Duck Orchid, Glenmaggie Weir.

 Flying Duck Orchid Glenmaggie Weir.

 White Finger Orchid. Morwell Reserve.

Bird Orchid.
Flying Duck Orchid Glenmaggie Weir.


Morwell Reserve

Last week the Heyfield Birdos spent a day at the Morwell Reserve, approx. 37 species of birds, limited photos because of the sometimes thick bush. Some photos follow.

Juvenile Pied Currawong, McDonalds Car Park Morwell. 

Golden Whistler.

Juvenile Grey Shrike-thrush.

Rufous Fantail. There were three in the tree and none were sitting still, this was the best photo out of about 30. Billy's Creek Reserve.

Juvenile FanTail Cuckoo.


Monday, 5 November 2018

Past Week Continues.

Sale Common. Olive Backed Oriole in Nest.

Swallow Lagoon. Sacred Kingfisher, one of a pair.

The Pair from a distance.

Brown Goshawk one of a pair at Herb Guyatt Reserve. Looks like they may be nesting will investigate further.

Rufous Whistler, Log Crossing.

Golden Whistler Female, Log Crossing.

Eastern Yellow Robin, Log Crossing. A long way to drive for 3 birds.