Friday, 13 December 2013

Bird Watchers Xmas Break Up.

Our Xmas break up is traditionally held each year at the Heyfield Wet Lands. Several bird species were sighted including a very flighty Snipe, Rufous Whistler and several duck species, the Clamorous Reed Warblers were in full song, and we had one sighting.

On our way back to the Wet Lands Centre we sighted a Coot on a log with three Turtles.

At lunch time we adjourned to one of our members house and enjoyed a barbecue lunch.

We are now in the throws of planning our outings for next year.

In the past week I have had a couple of strolls around Lake Guyatt, and have found that the Freckled Ducks are still in residence as are the Pelicans and a royal Spoon Bill, The Mistletoe Birds were busy in the trees, and I have a good photo  showing how the mistletoe is spread.
There was also a Rufous Whistler at the entrance to Lake Guyatt and a Great Egret in Flooding Creek.

A Merry Xmas to all, and Happy Birding.

Bird Watchers Outings

The Heyfield Bird Watchers have had two outings since my last blog. The first outing in November was to Morwell National Park, and then to the Traralgon Wet Lands.
Our trip to Morwell NP was to hopefully get a sighting of a Gerygone, in this regard we were successful. Unfortunately none of my four photos were in focus, so it looks like another trip to the National Park. However we did see some Stain Flycatchers male and Female, and a Lewins Honeyeater at the car park.

Another find at Morwell was a beautiful orchid growing from the bark of a tree, the name escapes me.
Our next stop was the Traralgon Wet Lands, where we found many species of duck, Swans , Coots a spotted Pardalote and a Little Grass Bird.

Our next outing was at Heyfield Wet Lands, see following Blog.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Around The Traps

Over the past month I have been checking out my usual haunts, Lake Guyatt, Herb Guyatt reserve, Swallow Lagoon, Sale Common, and Red Gate Reserve.
The bird calls have been numerous, but; the sightings have been less than what I would have expected.
The Gosshawks are back at Herb Guyatt reserve, I have noticed them flying out of the tree where they nested last year, but; they are not as yet nesting.
There were only a couple of sightings at Swallow Lagoon, one being an Oriole.

Red Gate was devoid of birds except for the Superb Fairy Wrens which were in abundance.

Lake Guyatt still has many Speckled Ducks, Pelicans and Black Duck, I had my first sighting of a male Mistletoe bird for the season, have since seen two more. Also circling Lake Guyatt was a lone Caspian Tern, which was at times diving into the water, could not see what it was catching.

 Koala at Herb Guyatt Reserve.

 A bit of action at Sale Common.


Friday, 25 October 2013

October Birding

During the second weekend of October the Heyfield Bird Watchers group hosted nine birders from the Geelong area.
Saturday morning we met at the Heyfield Wetlands, and continued through the wetlands for the next 2 hours. many species were ticked off during this time.
We then headed out towards Lake Glenmaggie and stopped off at a block of bush known as McDonalds, we were hoping to see a pair of kingfishers; but this wasn't to be, never the less we found some native orchids.
We then drove to the weir wall and had our lunch.

The next property to explore was Marg and John's at Coongulla, one of the highlights was a pair of Channel Billed Cuckoo's flying across the weir. We then ventured through the bush to the lake where a Water monitor was spotted, we then found a very obliging Richard's Pipit that sat around for some time.

Sunday we all met at Briagolong and proceeded up the Marathon road to a property called Peach Flat. This property of 200 plus acres has a beautifully  made wetlands. We met our hosts and proceeded around the property, this took approximately three hours. During this time approximately 60 species were ticked off.

One of the views across the lake at Peach Flat.

Our next stop was the Briagolong cemetery, where there was an abundance of native flowers and orchids, unfortunately by this time the wind was howling and intermittent rain making it very difficult to get any photos; but we did see the flowers.
We then stopped off at the Red gum forest and found some Leopard Orchids. As the rain set in we decided to call it a day. All in all a very productive week end, and our guests were pleased with the  results.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Merimbula Sightings

Just back after eight days at Merimbula, rained for five days, the other days were good, Didn't get into the bush to chase some birds; but kept an eye on the sand flats at low tide. The following are some of the birds that I sighted.
Baby Plover

Bar-tailed Godwit

Eastern Curlew


Little Egret

Pelicans just waking up

Pied Oyster Catcher
 Lorikeets after 4 inches of rain
Striated Heron
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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Latest Sightings

The birding has been a bit slow over the past few weeks, some of my normal spots have been flooded out so there has been not much scope for sightings. Decided to go for a drive down past the Swing Bridge, the road was flooded at one point; but drove through anyway, the only sighting was a Raptor, and this was a quick jump out of the car and take a couple of snaps, not sure of the species; but could be a Little Eagle.

Then it was a walk around Lake Guyatt. The Speckled Ducks have moved on as there were only about four on the lake. I did see a couple of birds flying from tree to tree, they turned out to be Satin Bower birds.

My next outing was a trip over to Lake Glenmaggie where I met up with two intrepid birdwatchers, where we were on the lookout for Wedge-tailed  eagle, and Sea Eagles. All we came across were a few Jackie Lizards which was good as I hadn't seen these before.
On Saturday my wife and I decided we would take a drive to the Mitchel river at Glenaladale. First port of call was Beverley's rd. The bird life here was again scarce apart from a few Yellow Faced Honeyeaters. So it was eyes to the ground where we found some green hoods, one unknown flower, could even be a weed and a Pink Finger Orchid.

 A pair of Nodding Green Hoods having a chat.

Unknown flower which was growing on a spindly creeper.
We then headed off to the Mitchel river following some directions from a person who will remain nameless. Well we didn't find the river; but ended up at the Echo Bend Caravan Park. At the entrance to the park I noticed a bird in the grass, which turned out to be a Richard's Pipet.
The owner came down to check us out as this is private property. After telling her our story she was very obliging and took us to a Bower bird's bower which was very interesting.
Then it was over to the Den of Nargun where we walked down to the river. On the way over we noticed some Dusky Wood Swallows on a fence, so even though we didn't get to where we set out to see we had a good day.
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