Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Uralla Reserve.

 Took a drive down to Uralla Reserve to check out the bird life, it must be 12 months since the last visit, I had forgotten how long and steep the first part of the track is. Walked around all the reserve and sighted no birds; but we did see some fungi and the start of the orchids. Not good on Fungi naming, so some of these may be wrong.  One above  Earth Star, Geastrum triplex.

 Trumpet Fungi.  Craterellus sp.

 Trumpet Fungi. Craterellus sp.

 Mycena yuulongicola.

 ? Could be anything.

 Grandfathers Whiskers Lichen.

 Romaria anziana.

 Early Greenhood. Could be a Cobra Greenhood looking at the leaves on the stem.?