Tuesday, 9 December 2014

December Outing

The Heyfield Bird watchers December outing started with a walk around the Heyfield Wet Lands.
8 people attended, and after walking around for one and a half hours we had ticked off approx. 48 species. Photo opportunities were rare; but at least we saw the birds. The usual barbeque that was held at the Wet Lands was transferred to J & M G's property at Coongulla.

On the way we stopped to check out the orchids and found Large Duck Orchids and Small Duck Orchids now growing on the roadside at Glenmaggie.

On to Coongulla where we took a walk through the bush on the shore of Lake Glenmaggie where we spotted a family of Jackie Winter's, J G flushed out a Pardalote from a nest in the bank, too quick for a photograph. We finished the day with a barbeque and a great big pavlova, which must have been healthy because it had fruit on top.
 White Faced Heron
 Jackie Winter and Young.
 Jackie Winter.
 Large and Small Duck Orchids.
 Small Duck Orchid.
Large and Small Duck Orchids.

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