Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Dotterels on Desailly Flats.
I thought that Black Fronted Dotterels were only found around mud flats and the like, but last week whilst at the model flying field four flew in and were foraging through the mown grass. They were back again a couple of days later.
Is this normal for Dotterels?

This fellow was perched on a light at the Port of Sale, I couldn't resist the photo.


Friday, 3 April 2015

Heyfield Birders.

I was going to put this blog in last night, after our outing at Nicholson Rocks; but I was beaten by Jackwin777, so I will just post a few more photos from the outing.
 Diamond Firetail.
Dusky Wood Swallow.

Grey Fantail.

Jackie Winter.

 Jackie Winter.

Scarlet Robin.

Scarlet Robin. (Mum).

 Scarlet Robin.
Earlier on in the week I took a drive down to Golden Beach. The first bird to fly over was a Sea Eagle, of course my camera was packed away in it's bag, so I missed that one. Not long after a Juvenile flew by, this time I was ready.

Juvenile Sea Eagle.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Glenaladale and Around.

Birding has been on the backburner of late due to other commitments; but, drove up to Glenaladale last week hoping that I might catch a glimpse of the Peregrine Falcons, no luck here, I walked along the river for two hours, saw some Wrens and an Eastern Yellow Robin and one black snake, I guess you could say the walk was good.
Then it was onto Beverley's rd, one hour there and not a sign of a bird except for a couple of Tree Creepers calling, didn't see them either.

Yellow Robin in typical pose.
Checked out Herb Guyatt reserve lots of wrens and Grey Fantails could hear the Kingfishers calling; but, no sightings. Then in front of me appeared a Golden Whistler, he just sat in the tree whilst I took some photos, and he was still there when I walked away.
Golden Whistler.

Things are going bad when you start taking photos of Grey Fantails!!!!
Lake Guyatt is starting to dry up again, and there was the usual array of birds on the mud, Pelicans, Speckled Ducks, Spur winged Plovers and  Black Duck to name a few. Then there was a noise in one of the gums, looked up and counted eight juvenile King Parrots (my day was made).
Juvenile King Parrot.
Further along I could hear the Clamorous Reed warblers, and was lucky to get this photo.
Clamorous Reed Warbler.
On to the Sale Common, things were equally quiet there, the Swamp Harrier's nest was empty and there were Pelicans in the distance, and one Darter in the Water.
Swimming Darter.