Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Mallacouta Outing.

Went up to Mallacouta last Thursday for a couple of days, with the intention of taking as many of the bush walks as possible. Unfortunately the rain persisted except for about three hours.
We first went on a small walk at Double Creek which is about 8 Kilometres from Mallacouta on the Genoa road. This was a one kilometre round walk. It was raining at the time and we made four sightings of a Rufous Fantail, a first for me, White Browed Scrub Wrens were busy on the ground and a Koala was keeping an eye on the proceedings. Unfortunately no photos of the fan tail as they didn't stay around. Plenty of Pied Oyster Catchers on the shore.

We then took a walk along the Narrows, the rain had stopped by now. We came across plenty of native flowers, a couple of Orchids and back at the car a Raptor was guarding it's nest. Looks like a Whistling Kite; but I may be wrong.

 King Parrot.
 Rosy Hyacinth-orchid.  Dipodium roseum.
 Tall Cinnamon Bells Potaro Orchid.  Gastrodia procera.

 Pied Oyster-catcher.
 Raptor Nest.
Whistling Kite ?


  1. Hey Ross. Great photos. The lens is going good, eh? Definitely Whistling Kite although the nest looks a bit small and on fairly flimsy branches. Did you see the bird on it?