Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Scarlet Robins and Others.

Yesterday my wife looked out the lounge room window, called me and said what's that Kookaburra got in it's mouth. It was a bit hard to see exactly what it was because of the light; so I took a photo and here it is, a great big Frog. I guess this is Nature at work.
This is one of the five Kookaburras we have in our back yard every morning.

Last Saturday I went for a drive around Desailly Flats where previously I had spotted a pair of Scarlet Robins. The male at the time was not very cooperative; but this morning just the opposite, they were in the gums on one side of the road, and then flew over to some cattle yards where I took the photos.

These are certainly beautiful little birds.
It was then on to have a look around Herb Guyatt Reserve, not much activity there except for the Eastern yellow Robins, another beautiful little bird. There were plenty of photo opportunities here as I counted ten of them in the middle of the reserve.

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Swallow Lagoon and Lake Guyatt.

Took a drive out to Swallow Lagoon last Saturday, and after walking around for one hour I did not lay eyes on one bird, and only heard a lone magpie calling.
I then came across a patch of grassland, here there were some Yellow-rumped Thornbills going about their business. I then saw a pair of Scarlet Robins, the male didn't stay around; but the female just flitted from bush to bush.
Half way back to the car I spotted a lone Porcupine beside a tree having a sleep.

Today I went for a walk around Lake Guyatt, the Freckled Ducks were back in droves ( or is that flocks), also there were a few Pink Eared Ducks as well as the pelicans.
The Newholland Honeyeaters and Eastern Spine bills were busy with the native shrubs, and the Rainbow Lorikeets were busy in the gums.
The Splendid Fairy Wrens are just starting to get their Spring plumage.



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Friday, 5 July 2013

Den of Nargun outing.

Hello Everyone,

Took a drive up to the  Den of Nargun, situated off the Dargo road.
First stop was to have a walk through the bush at a spot off  Beverley's road, the birds here were very quiet, in fact in the bush we saw no birds; but 4 Emus were in the paddock at the end of the bush track.

 After a nice picnic lunch my wife and I headed down the track, which is very steep in places to the Den. Half way down we came across a tree with 8 King Parrots feeding, male and females. On our way back the parrots were still there not at all concerned as we were only about 20 feet away and the same height as them, these are lovely birds to watch.

Back to the car park, heard some noise high up one of the gum trees, a couple of honeyeaters were busy, they turned out to be Crescent Honeyeaters.


Then it was onto a friends house at Fernbank who had previously told me of an unidentified bird in their back yard, I was lucky to get a photo and the bird turned out to be a Satin Bowerbird.
Another good day of birding in the East Gippsland Area.