Monday, 27 January 2014

Maffra Wetlands and Herb Guyatt Reserve.

Took a drive over to the Maffra Wetlands last week early in the morning, to check out the Crakes and the Rails. The water level has receded out to the edge of the reeds, leaving a fair amount of semi bare mud. The first birds I noticed apart from the ducks and Coots were the Latham Snipe. These are usually vert flighty; but this day they were sitting every where along the waters edge. In the hour and a half that I spent sitting and watching none moved.

There were a few Spotted Crakes; but at a fair distance until I stumbled across two further along the shore line. This one was feeding about 10 Yards away.
This morning I went for a walk around Herb Guyatt Reserve at Wurruk, the birds were quiet until I rounded a corner and here was a Sacred Kingfisher, this is the first that I have sighted at the reserve this Spring and Summer.
Then to my surprise a little further along the track a pair of Crested Shrike Tits were feeding up and down the trunks. These I haven't seen for some time.
On the way out a small bird landed just off the track, not knowing what it was I took a photo; but soon found out the species as one of the parents landed and began to feed the baby. Turned out to be an Eastern Yellow Robin. So all in all the walk turned out to be very successful.

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