Sunday, 2 March 2014

Around the Area.

Have been somewhat lax over the past month on the blog scene. Mainly due to the lack of bird life in the area, have been around all my usual haunts over the past weeks, and most of the birds sighted have been on Lake Guyatt  in Sale.

Amongst the Pelicans, Silver Gulls, Darters, Coots, Red Kneed Dotterel, Spur Winged Plover, and several species of Duck, were the Lathams Snipe and Black Winged Stilt.
Darter down on the Sale Common at the lookout.

 The Grebe were on the Lake at the Stratford Highway reserve, these were the only birds to be seen, not even a call was heard from the bush.
The Yellow- rumped Thornbill was feeding in my back yard.
On a lighter note this photo was taken at Lake Guyatt, the water being very shallow, a monster from the deep. One of many Carp swimming around.

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