Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Around the Sale Wet Lands

I went for a  walk down to the Sale Common last week to check out the water level. As the level has been high the track is blocked just below the lookout.
The level is now down to about 6 inches, so it won't be long before the water will be clear of the track. The birds were fairly scarce; but I did get a photo of a Great Egret.

Lake Guyatt was a little more productive, although the Speckled Ducks seemed to have left. Spotted a pair of Pink Eared Ducks, and today saw the first of the Latham Snipes, one was in the shallows, and I spotted another three on the island.

Next stop was Herb Guyatt reserve, the Goss Hawk is still around, although not using last years nest, and a Wedge tailed Eagle was circling.

Swallow Lagoon was not very productive either, White Faced Honey eaters and Yellow Faced Honeyeaters were flitting from tree to tree, and a Spotted Pardalote came down to greet me. A little way along a Rufous Whistler was singing his song. I just love these whistlers. So my day was made.


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