Sunday, 12 January 2014

Maffra and Sale Common

Went for a drive over to the Maffra Wet Lands last week, the wind was blowing gale so my hopes of seeing many birds was very low. Having walked the length of the wet lands and spotted only a few ducks, I was pleasantly surprised to come across a lone Intermediate Egret, this is a first for me, they seem to be very rare in this area.

I then drove out to Bellbird Corner, and looking over the water hole before going through the gate a Raptor flew up from the side of the water, not sure of the species. Also feeding were a pair of Yellow Spoonbills.

Last Friday I went for a walk through the Sale Common, the water is starting to dry up and you can now walk a couple of hundred metres past the look out, again the wing was blowing pretty strong and the bird life was quiet. So it was down to the Swing Bridge and on the way a lone Sacred Kingfisher was sitting on the electricity wires, this is the first sighting this Spring and Summer.

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