Monday, 21 April 2014

Bird Watchers outing to Yarram District.

Sunday saw the Heyfield bird watchers travel to Yarram. First port of call was the Yarram Bakery for a coffee. Then it was off to the walking track along the coast to Port Albert.
The birds were scarce apart from the Nankeen Night Herons in their usual tree. Out on the flats were Pacific Gulls, White faced Herons and sundry other water birds, most too far away to identify. A couple of nice specimens of Fungi were found beside the track.
We then went to Port Albert, Pacific Gulls and Pied Oyster Catchers were ticked.
It was getting near lunch time so we set off for White Women's Water hole. After lunch we followed the track through the bush, hardly seeing a bird; so the eyes were on the ground for the Fungi, many specimens were spotted.
I have posted some photos below which do not have captions as I have no idea of the names of the species ( need to buy a Fungi book).


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