Sunday, 4 August 2013

Past Weeks Sightings.

Called into Beverleys Road site on my way back from Bairnsdale, the birds were as scarce as hens teeth. Pardon the pun; but there was plenty to look at on the ground.

The next day I took a drive down past the Swing Bridge, to check out the Morass. The water was very high so there was not very much activity there. On my way back a Sea Eagle flew across and landed in a tree up ahead of me. Stopped the car and walked a little closer, there were two in the tree, took a couple of photos, walked up closer and they flew out over the river. I looked a little further down the road and there were two more in another tree. This sighting made my day as the Sea Eagles have been very elusive.

Saturday I took a run down to Jack Smith Lake, the wind was blowing and it was raining, there was not much activity except for a lone Wedge Tailed Eagle.
Today my wife and I went to Swallow Lagoon, and after walking for about an hour with very little sightings we came across a pair of Scarlet Robins, and then a Varied Sittella, back to the car and there was another pair of Scarlets in a tree next to the car, this made Julie's day as she loves the Scarlets.

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  1. Wow Ross,
    Four Sea Eagles in one sighting - that is a good tick! Half your luck. Glad Julie liked the robins.