Sunday, 18 August 2013

Heyfield Birdwatchers Outing

Today was our monthly bird watching outing, and the venues were Port Albert and White Women's Water Hole.
The weather forecast was ominous, with strong winds and possible rain mid afternoon.
We left home at 7.45am and proceeded to Yarram; one stop half way to Yarram as I spotted a Wedge Tailed Eagle in a tree on the side of the road. Stopped the car grabbed the camera and proceeded towards the tree, the wedgie was quite happy until a Magpie decided it was his tree and chased the wedgie out, and continued to attach as they faded into the distance.

We then continued onto Yarram where eight intrepid participants met at the Yarram Bakery and enjoyed a cup of coffee and cake; then it was off to the Port Albert walking track starting at the caravan park. The tide was in and the water rough due to the wind; but there were some birds on the water. Pelicans, brown Teal Chestnut Teal Terns and Pacific Gull to name a few.

Then it was onto the walking track, firstly passing a pine tree which is usually a perching place for  Nankeen Knight Herons; we were not disappointed, the count was about 12 birds with 2 trying to land in the strong wind.

We were finally on the walking track; but the birds were very scarce, saw a Butcher Bird, a Grey Currawong. We then tended to look for orchards and any other native flowers we could find. A little pink flower that will remain nameless, Correa, and an Orchid.

The Wattles were also out in flower.
One of our members always likes to get down and dirty when it comes to Orchids, I hope his photos come out OK.
It was then onto White Women's Water Hole were we had lunch albeit under or near some trees that were swaying in the strong wind. We walked the track through the bush; but the birds were scarce because of the wind, and I think everybody was glad to be back out of the thick bush. It was mid afternoon and the rain was just starting, so we packed up and headed home. On our way out we had to stop three times to remove parts of trees from the road, so the wind may have been stronger than we thought.
Apart from the wind we all agreed that it was a good day.
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