Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Scarlet Robins and Others.

Yesterday my wife looked out the lounge room window, called me and said what's that Kookaburra got in it's mouth. It was a bit hard to see exactly what it was because of the light; so I took a photo and here it is, a great big Frog. I guess this is Nature at work.
This is one of the five Kookaburras we have in our back yard every morning.

Last Saturday I went for a drive around Desailly Flats where previously I had spotted a pair of Scarlet Robins. The male at the time was not very cooperative; but this morning just the opposite, they were in the gums on one side of the road, and then flew over to some cattle yards where I took the photos.

These are certainly beautiful little birds.
It was then on to have a look around Herb Guyatt Reserve, not much activity there except for the Eastern yellow Robins, another beautiful little bird. There were plenty of photo opportunities here as I counted ten of them in the middle of the reserve.

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