Sunday, 8 September 2013

Latest Sightings

The birding has been a bit slow over the past few weeks, some of my normal spots have been flooded out so there has been not much scope for sightings. Decided to go for a drive down past the Swing Bridge, the road was flooded at one point; but drove through anyway, the only sighting was a Raptor, and this was a quick jump out of the car and take a couple of snaps, not sure of the species; but could be a Little Eagle.

Then it was a walk around Lake Guyatt. The Speckled Ducks have moved on as there were only about four on the lake. I did see a couple of birds flying from tree to tree, they turned out to be Satin Bower birds.

My next outing was a trip over to Lake Glenmaggie where I met up with two intrepid birdwatchers, where we were on the lookout for Wedge-tailed  eagle, and Sea Eagles. All we came across were a few Jackie Lizards which was good as I hadn't seen these before.
On Saturday my wife and I decided we would take a drive to the Mitchel river at Glenaladale. First port of call was Beverley's rd. The bird life here was again scarce apart from a few Yellow Faced Honeyeaters. So it was eyes to the ground where we found some green hoods, one unknown flower, could even be a weed and a Pink Finger Orchid.

 A pair of Nodding Green Hoods having a chat.

Unknown flower which was growing on a spindly creeper.
We then headed off to the Mitchel river following some directions from a person who will remain nameless. Well we didn't find the river; but ended up at the Echo Bend Caravan Park. At the entrance to the park I noticed a bird in the grass, which turned out to be a Richard's Pipet.
The owner came down to check us out as this is private property. After telling her our story she was very obliging and took us to a Bower bird's bower which was very interesting.
Then it was over to the Den of Nargun where we walked down to the river. On the way over we noticed some Dusky Wood Swallows on a fence, so even though we didn't get to where we set out to see we had a good day.
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