Monday, 15 July 2013

Swallow Lagoon and Lake Guyatt.

Took a drive out to Swallow Lagoon last Saturday, and after walking around for one hour I did not lay eyes on one bird, and only heard a lone magpie calling.
I then came across a patch of grassland, here there were some Yellow-rumped Thornbills going about their business. I then saw a pair of Scarlet Robins, the male didn't stay around; but the female just flitted from bush to bush.
Half way back to the car I spotted a lone Porcupine beside a tree having a sleep.

Today I went for a walk around Lake Guyatt, the Freckled Ducks were back in droves ( or is that flocks), also there were a few Pink Eared Ducks as well as the pelicans.
The Newholland Honeyeaters and Eastern Spine bills were busy with the native shrubs, and the Rainbow Lorikeets were busy in the gums.
The Splendid Fairy Wrens are just starting to get their Spring plumage.



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  1. G'day Ross,
    Nice to know the freckles and pink-eareds are still hanging about. Classic rainbow shot!