Sunday, 17 November 2013

Around The Traps

Over the past month I have been checking out my usual haunts, Lake Guyatt, Herb Guyatt reserve, Swallow Lagoon, Sale Common, and Red Gate Reserve.
The bird calls have been numerous, but; the sightings have been less than what I would have expected.
The Gosshawks are back at Herb Guyatt reserve, I have noticed them flying out of the tree where they nested last year, but; they are not as yet nesting.
There were only a couple of sightings at Swallow Lagoon, one being an Oriole.

Red Gate was devoid of birds except for the Superb Fairy Wrens which were in abundance.

Lake Guyatt still has many Speckled Ducks, Pelicans and Black Duck, I had my first sighting of a male Mistletoe bird for the season, have since seen two more. Also circling Lake Guyatt was a lone Caspian Tern, which was at times diving into the water, could not see what it was catching.

 Koala at Herb Guyatt Reserve.

 A bit of action at Sale Common.


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