Friday, 13 December 2013

Bird Watchers Outings

The Heyfield Bird Watchers have had two outings since my last blog. The first outing in November was to Morwell National Park, and then to the Traralgon Wet Lands.
Our trip to Morwell NP was to hopefully get a sighting of a Gerygone, in this regard we were successful. Unfortunately none of my four photos were in focus, so it looks like another trip to the National Park. However we did see some Stain Flycatchers male and Female, and a Lewins Honeyeater at the car park.

Another find at Morwell was a beautiful orchid growing from the bark of a tree, the name escapes me.
Our next stop was the Traralgon Wet Lands, where we found many species of duck, Swans , Coots a spotted Pardalote and a Little Grass Bird.

Our next outing was at Heyfield Wet Lands, see following Blog.

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