Friday, 10 November 2017

Rubeena Cruise.

Last Wednesday myself and 7 others from the model club, took a leisurely cruise down the Sale canal, from the Port of Sale to the Swing Bridge. Eight kilometres overall, 2 hours for the time. Stopping on the way to look at Koalas, and some of the birds that were seen.

 Great Cormorant.

 Saw four Azure Kingfishers, but difficult to get a good photo from the moving boat and not much room to move around.

 Juvenile Whistling Kite.

Not a bird but a Koala Bear.

The next two are from one of my many walks around the Sale Common. I saw a Wedge tailed Eagle flying past and then land. Took about 15 minutes to find the nest, with the eagle holding lunch, and one young.

Australasian Darters nesting. Two young.


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