Saturday, 21 January 2017

Yellow-billed Spoonbill

I have been keeping an eye on this Yellow-billed Spoonbill nest over the past few weeks, situated opposite the water trough about half way through the Sale common walking track. Following are some photos of the progress in the nest.

 This 1st photo was taken on the 1st December 2016, looks like the female is sitting on the eggs whilst the male stands guard.
 December the 7th still sitting.

 24th December there are 2 chicks. One parent standing guard.

 24th December different angle to try and see the chicks better.

 30th December 2 chicks have really grown, and two more chicks have hatched, on the right of the nest.

 13th January the nest is now getting crowded, 4 fairly large birds plus 1 parent.

  13th January different angle.

21st January 2 older chicks are out of the nest and the younger ones standing in the nest. 

This photo was taken on my walk back past the nest, one of the parents is back on the nest and the four chicks are all on the nest.
All these photos were taken from about 60 yards so they are not as clear as I would like them to be.
As an aside there are 2 Raptor nests in this same tree, so the spoonbills have done well to survive.


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