Saturday, 18 July 2015

Looking for a Fox.

Last week of the school holidays my 9 YO grand daughter LuLu who is a permanent resident with my wife and I said she was bored; which is pretty normal for this generation. Said she wanted to see a fox, I said we could go and look for one but it would be luck if we say one.
So off we went to Swallow Lagoon where I had sighted one a few weeks ago. After walking for an hour, no fox; but then I started to get,how far is it to the car.  (a bit like are we there yet)
On our walk she found some fungi and as she was carrying my Panasonic camera I suggested a photo. Which follows.Then there was a Butcher bird on a fence post on our way back, this distracted her for a while.
There was also a nice reflection on the lagoon so another photo was taken.
Even though there was no fox she was happy to take some photos.
 Horse Dung Fungus.  Pisolithus arhizus.
 Swallow Lagoon Reflections.

Grey Butcher Bird.

Not bad photos for a 9 Year Old.


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  1. She did great taking photos the reflections are beautiful.