Friday, 3 July 2015

First Orchids

Went for a drive around the Munro area to check for Orchids, continued onto Fernbank and had a look at the Saplings Morass Reserve. Birds were very scarce, except for a couple of Butcher Birds and some Eastern Rosellas.
Butcher Bird.
I then drove onto Swallow Lagoon to check out the Orchids around the Northern water hole, found a nice patch of Trims and some Small Mosquito orchids about to come out.
 Trim Greenhood Swallow Lagoon.
 Trim Greenhood Swallow Lagoon.
 Small Mosquito Orchid, not yet out, Swallow Lagoon.
I think this is a Trim Greenhood, Coopers Rd Briagolong.

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