Friday, 5 June 2015

Butcher Bird.

Walked out the front door a couple of days and here was a juvenile Butcher Bird cleaning up what was left of some cat food. Back in and out with the camera, the bird was very obliging.

Juvenile Butcher Bird.
Back down at Desailly Flats the Black Fronted Dotterels were having a feast, counted 20 in the flock, also with them were half a dozen Richard's Pippets and a couple of Willy Wagtails, couldn't get very close, and eventually frightened them off.

Having had a further look at the not so good photos I am not sure if these are Dotterels, What do you think Gouldi?


  1. I reckon you have some male White-fronted Chats and a Yellow-rumped Thornbill in the fifth photo

  2. Yes you are right Jack, when I took the photos I thought the birds were small and I did notice the yellow- rumped thornbill, so there were 4 species in the one spot.


  3. G'day Ross,
    I’m with Jack. What I’m interested in is the juvenile Butcherbird. Until I just checked, I thought a young bird would hardly still be in juvenile plumage at this time of year, but I see they sometimes will keep their young colours right through their first season. Always something to learn!