Thursday, 28 May 2015

Crinigan Rd Reserve Morwell.

Called into Crinigan Rd Reserve Morwell last Saturday on my way home from Bunyip. Had to deliver my grand daughter to her Mother for the weekend. Most of the birds we saw were within about 50 yards of the gate, and there were a few Fungi around.
 Eastern Yellow Robin.

King Parrot
 Satin Bower Bird.
 This Fungi was with about 10 others, a bright orange colour most had some of this Fur growing on them. Tis one was totally covered. What is it ?.
 Bracket Fungi.
 Coral Fungi. 
Coral Fungi.


  1. G’day RS,
    The furry stuff is a mould, another fungus – Spinellus fusiger maybe? The orange one is Amanita xanthocephala I reckon.
    Nice report. Good to know things are still happening in Crinigan!