Friday, 28 November 2014

Birdwatchers at Moe

On our last outing we went to Moe, visited two reserves which produced some good sightings. Although we ticked many species, this Whistler was the only one that sat for a photo. It looked like he was defending his nest from a pair of Grey Fantails that were giving him and his mate a hard time.

We also noticed some Sun Orchids; but unfortunately these were not out. Along the  track we ran into another bird man who said he could show us some Bird orchids, so into the bush we went and found a small patch of these orchids.
A couple of days later I checked out Lake Guyatt. It was a windy day so I stayed at the mud flats for a while counting the species. Black Duck, Freckled Duck, Pelicans Australasian Coots, Spur winged Plovers to name just a few. Always nice to see the Black Fronted Dotterels there.
                                                          A pair of baby ducks
Black Fronted Dotterel.

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