Saturday, 25 October 2014

From Fernbank To Glenmaggie.

Took a drive around the area over a couple of days, from Fernbank to the Briagolong Cemetery, Munro along the rail line and Glenmaggie, looking at the native flowers on the way.
Spent more time at Munro than anticipated, locked the car keys in the car, had to wait for another set to be brought out. Hope I have named the photos correctly.

 Large Duck Orchid. (Caleana major)
Diuris  ? 

 Sun Orchid. (Yet to be Named).
 I could hear a train coming when setting up the camera, surprised I caught it.


  1. Hey Ross. Great pics. Are you going to Edward Hunter next Tuesday or Bunyip the week after? Car pool? Send me an email. jackwin27@gmail

  2. Diuris sulphurea, the tiger orchid

  3. probably the purple donkey orchid, Diuris punctata