Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Monday Birding Outing.

Last Monday the Heyfield Bird watchers hosted a day out with some members of Bird Life Australia East Gippsland Branch. Members from Bairnsdale and District. We had nineteen individuals for the day.
Our first stop was Maffra Riverside Reserve, a very small area. At the end of our walk we had ticked off 28 species.
We then went to Bellbird Corner where a similar number of birds were ticked, comprising Azure Kingfisher, Swamp Harrier some Cuckoo species and a Platypus.
We then ventured onto Glenmaggie Weir for lunch, and from there to the Glenmaggie Flora Reserve. Here we found a Jackie Winter nest, Little Eagle, Black-faced Cuckoo shrike and many other species including some native orchids.
We then parted company with the Bairnsdale people except for three, as we were then going to call into the Heyfield Golf Club.
Sightings there were noisy Friar birds, Musk Lorikeet, and surprisingly we came across 19 Swift Parrots, this was a first for some of us as they are a rare bird in this area.
 The photo of the Swift Parrots is not that good as they were a long distance away.


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