Sunday, 24 August 2014

Buchan Caves

On Saturday my wife and I went for a drive up to Buchan, not to go through the caves; but to check out the walks and the birds. The day was sunny and about 18 degrees. Our first walk was up a four wheel drive track, mistakenly taken as it turned out extremely steep and slippery, when we didn't reach the Spring Creek falls we knew we were on the wrong track.
We eventually arrived back at the starting point and took the correct track, which lead up to the Spring Creek Falls.  On the way we saw Golden Whistler, Eastern Spine Bill, Satin Bower Bird, White Winged Chough, Crimson Rosella Wee Bills, Grass Wren and a Lyre Bird, did not sight but heard a Crescent Honeyeater. These are a few of the birds we saw. Not many photos; but the count was good.
 This is the nest that the two Crimson Rosellas were protecting. A bit hard to see because of the shadow.

 Spring Creek Falls.
Satin Bower Bird, back at the car park.
This one is for Jim, I know that he will appreciate it.

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  1. Those Crimson Rosellas have beautiful colors. Nice photos of them as well!