Monday, 12 March 2018

McKinnon's Point one.

After the Heyfield Birdo's outing at McKinnon's Point last Wednesday, Julie and I decided to go up again on Sunday.
This time we decided to sit near a pool of water and wait for the birds to come in, all these photos and in the following blog were taken from the one position, except for the White Faced Heron and the Yellow-Tufted Honeyeater, which we found on the way back up the creek to the car. There are some that I need an ID.
Golden Whistler not quite in full colour

Mrs Spotted Pardalote.

White-naped Honeyeater.

Mr Spotted Pardalote.

Golden Whistler (Female I think).

Scrub Wren.

Spotted Pardalote Female.

This one needs an ID. Female Rose Robin ?

Not a good picture here needs an ID.

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