Thursday, 22 June 2017

Sale Common Revisited

Have been walking the Sale Common twice a week for a few months now, the bird population has decreased no doubt due to the colder weather.
The one bird that is very common at the moment is the Azure Kingfisher, have had sightings every time I have been down. Record so far is 3 sightings on two separate days.

 Azure Kingfisher.
 The above photo of the Male Darter sitting on a nest was taken on the 13th May, I thought it was strange that a male Darter would be on a nest near winter.
The next photo was taken on the 22nd June, today showing 3 young have hatched, don't know if this is normal or not.
 The photo below is another strange one the White Faced Heron is totally unperturbed by the presence of the fox. I watched for about ten minutes, the fox just looked around and then wandered off, the heron was still scratching around after the fox had left.


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