Thursday, 29 September 2016


Had a free day today, so decided to do some birding. First stop off was Nicholson Rocks, north of Newry. Birds were very scarce, mostly small birds high up in the canopy, so no photos. The Orchids were a bit more productive. The first find was a Wax Lip and then a couple of Lady Fingers, Small Duck Orchid, Nodding Greenhood and Maroon Hood.
 Wax Lip Orchid.

 White Lady Fingers.

 Pink Lady Fingers.

 Dainty Wasp-orchid
 Maroon Hood Orchid.

 Nodding Greenhood.

 White Lady Fingers.

We then drove onto the Briagolong Red Gum Forest,to check out the Leopard Orchids, and found an abundance of Yellow Moth Orchids and Leopard Orchids.

 Yellow Moth Orchids.

 Leopard orchids.

Yellow Moth Orchid.


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