Friday, 28 June 2013

Back of RAAF Base Sale.

Hello Birders,
Looks like every body has been on the road around the RAAF Base in the last few days, news travels fast; looking for the Red-necked Avocet's.
One my way out this morning,  happened to look across the paddocks at a large herd of dairy cows, must have been 300 hundred or more; but to my surprise there must have been double that number of Cattle Egret. Took a couple of photos, and then onto the Red-necked Avocets and on the opposite side of the road a few Black-winged Stilts.

Another morning of good sightings.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

King Parrots

On a drive into Sale taking my grand daughter to school, I noticed one of the trees in Foster street full of birds. On my way back I stopped and found the tree being attached by 12 King Parrots, which looked like juveniles. So home I went picked up the camera and took a few photos. They were very obliging, not frightened by people walking past or the traffic noise.
They have been there every day since. On Monday I noticed there was one male in the tree.
You can see from the photos what the attraction is.


Monday, 10 June 2013

Walk Around Lake Guyatt.

Went for a walk around Lake Guyatt this afternoon, noticed that most of the Speckled Ducks have left area. The Pink eared ducks are still there with a few Pacific Black Ducks, and the Pelicans. Lots of New Holland Honeyeaters and Eastern Spine Bills, Wattle Birds and some Yellow Thornbills.
Almost forgot from our trip to Port Albert, we passed the tree that on our last trip was full of Nankeen Night Herons, this time we counted eight, good to see they are still there.
So ends another good birding day.

White Women's Waterhole and Port Albert

On Sunday I took my wife for a drive down to White Women's Waterhole, situated  between Woodside and Wonwron, a very nice picnic area with plenty of tables. Since my last visit a new toilet block has been built, new signage; and a new track cut through the bush. We were only out of the car a few minutes when a pair of Scarlet Robins arrived, the male being very elusive; but the female came up to the table we were sitting at, too close for my lens to focus.

 Then before we set off into the bush  an Eastern Yellow Robin came by, one of many we saw during the day.
 We then set off into the bush, the birds were rather scarce, only seeing a pair of White Eared honeyeaters; but there were some native plants flowering the first being a Correa, the next two I will have to refer to my mate Gouldiae for the names.

 We then ventured onto Port Albert. Unfortunately the tide was right in, so the were no wading birds; but some Pacific Gulls were flying and sitting no doubt on their favourite post.

After a cup of coffee and cake we headed back to Sale having had a very successful day.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Lake Guyatt, Glenmaggie Weir,Heyfield Wetlands.

Hello Birders,

Took a walk around Lake Guyatt this morning, the usual birds were on the Lake, Pelicans, Black Duck, Freckled Duck, Pink eared Duck, Spur winged Plovers, Black fronted Dotterel, Royal spoon bills, also Eastern Spine bills, Red Wattlebirds, and a Whistling Kite as I was getting out of the car.

Then over to Lake Glenmaggie, the birds were fairly scarce; but we saw some Weebills and a Golden Whistler.

Heyfield Wetlands we saw  New Holland Honeyeaters, Eastern Rosellas Hoary Headed Grebe and Black Ducks, all in all a good days spotting.