Tuesday, 18 June 2013

King Parrots

On a drive into Sale taking my grand daughter to school, I noticed one of the trees in Foster street full of birds. On my way back I stopped and found the tree being attached by 12 King Parrots, which looked like juveniles. So home I went picked up the camera and took a few photos. They were very obliging, not frightened by people walking past or the traffic noise.
They have been there every day since. On Monday I noticed there was one male in the tree.
You can see from the photos what the attraction is.



  1. G'day Ross,
    The kings sure are a great photographic subject. Do you ever wonder if the passers by notice them?

  2. G,day Pete, I can answer your question, the Kings were in the tree outside the court house this morning. I was beside the tree with the camera, two cars pulled up some people got out and never even looked at the tree. There were nine parrots in the tree. Amazing.