Wednesday, 21 October 2015

More Orchids.

Have been around to a few different locations looking for Orchids and I have listed below some of the finds. Some are doubled up only because of the different locations.
 Waxlip Orchid, Crinigan Rd Morwell.
 Leopard Orchid, Briagolong Red Gum Forest.
 Purple Diuris, Briagolong Cemetery.

Leopard Orchid, Briagolong Cemetery. 
Purple Diuris, Fernbank Railway Reserve.

No Orchids were found at Munro Railway Reserve or Sappling Morass at Fernbank.


Sunday, 18 October 2015

Orchids at Swallow Lagoon.

Have checked out the Orchids at Swallow Lagoon over the past 3 weeks and have found quit a few which I have listed below.
 White Lady Fingers.
 Small Gnat Orchid.
 Pink Lady Fingers.
 Hornet Orchid.  ( I Think).

Purple Bearded-Orchid.

This now brings a total of 8 species so far this year at Swallow Lagoon, including 3 different Green Hoods.