Saturday, 14 February 2015

In The Garden.

It is amazing what you find just walking around the garden.

Around the Area.

Took a drive out to Swallow Lagoon, the bird life was very quiet as it has been in this area for a while. picked up a couple of photos of insects doing their business.

I then drove over to Marlay Point and stopped at the wet paddock on the way, the water is drying up fast, still there were black-winged Stilts, Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, Red-capped Plovers, I set up my seat and waited for the Plovers to come closer. The Sandpipers stayed on the other side of the water.

 Black-winged Stilt.
 Female Red-capped Plover.
 Male Red-capped Plover.
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper.
Crane Flies.

Morwell National park.

Earlier in the Month the Heyfield Birders spent a very pleasant few hours at the Morwell national Park.
27 Species were ticked off including, Large billed Scrub Wren, Brown Gerygone, Black Cockatoos, Wedge Tailed Eagle, White Browed Scrub Wren.

 Rufous Fantail.
 Wedge Tailed Eagle.
White Browed Scrub Wren.
Grey Fantail Nest with Babies.
Back at the car park whilst having lunch the Yellow Robins put on a real show, they seemed to be every where.

 This one was that close I didn't have time to wind the lens back, hence the cut off head.
Parent and Baby.