Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Merimbula Trip

Last week we had a trip to Merimbula to have a look at the Jazz Festival. Each morning we walked the board walk to check out the shore birds. Most of these have flown north for the winter; but we did see a couple.
                                                                 Pied Oyster Catcher.
                                                                 Sooty Oyster Catcher.
We went for a couple of walks through the Ben Boyd national Park along both sides of the Pambula River. Again the bird life was scarce but; there was plenty of Fungi. All yet to be named.

We also came across some Mosquito Orchids and Nodding Green hoods along the river.


Corner Creek

My wife and I went for an outing up to Corner Creek out from Newry a couple of weeks ago. Although the bird life was scarce as has been for the past couple of months we were fortunate enough to tick a Powerful Owl. The photo is not the best as I could not get very close; but I believe it is a Powerful Owl.
On the way in there was a dead snake on the road, so on coming out we stopped to take a look. We weren't the only one interested.
This fellow was on the ground at the snake which was a Red Bellied Black and when we stopped he flew up and waited for us to depart.